Finding freedom in glassmaking

Pascale Seil perfected her glassblowing skills in France • She works with techniques such as murrine filigree and overlay• She intends her objects to convey emotion

Pascale Seil initially studied ceramics in Luxembourg, before attending the University of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, France, where she specialised in glassblowing, going on to further study at the Glass School CERFAV in Vannes le Châtel. She then opened her own glass studio in the beautiful village of Berdorf, in the heart of the Mullerthal region in Luxembourg. Today she produces small pieces of tableware and inimitable sculptures, often inspired by the nature in and around Berdorf. In collaboration with Henry Dostert, she founded the company Solstice, which specialises in unique and customised lighting.

made by seil

42, route d’Echternach L-6550 Berdorf

T +352 79 95 95

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